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Medik8 Sleep Glycolic - Product Review

Medik8 Sleep Glycolic

Medik8 Sleep Glycolic 

The Perfect At-Home Peel

Resurfacing results; FAST, Sloughs off dead skin cells to reveal a visibly smooth, glowing complexion, pores are visibly minimised, the skin is decongested, the appearance of hyperpigmentation is lifted and clarity of the skin is improved. The ultimate beauty sleep; restoring luminosity and visible skin health as it works overnight.

Sleep Glycolic is suitable for normal skin types - including blemish-prone skins, oily skin types, uneven textured skins, and those prone to visible hyperpigmentation.

Rachel's review Sleep Glycolic
Rachels Review
Medik8 have never disappointed with any of their products so I was very excited to hear about their new launch Sleep Glycolic! It is blended with 10% True Glycolic Acid which has also been created with Time Release Technology to minimise any irritation caused by powerful levels of Glycolic Acid such as this productMedik8 decided to formulate this as they wanted to create a facial peel alternative that people could safely use at home either while their local clinic is closed or going forward as well as a maintenance treatment in between facial appointments. 
I was slightly apprehensive to try it at first due to the fact that it was an 'at home peel' and I wondered what the results may be and even what the side effects might be like! Luckily - as advertised - it couldn't be easier to use, there is no down time and the side effects really are minimal. I am a really big fan of Glycolic Acid and it works well on my skin. Glycolic Acid is an AHA which helps to shed dead skin cells which can in turn cause the complexion to appear dull and lacklustre. 
Initially, I began using it on it's own, after cleansing and a moisturiser immediately afterwards, to get my skin used to it. It's a light, milky texture with no fragrance. It absorbed into my skin straight away. The next morning, my skin felt a touch dry but I think that is to be expected due to it being my first use and the percentage of Glycolic Acid in it but it was minimal, subsided very quickly and other than that I didn't experience any irritation as such. I couldn't believe just how much only one application had made such a difference and basically transformed my skin overnight - I felt like I was wearing highlighter all over my face due to the luminously. I applied some foundation over the top of my skin that same day and it looked and sat a lot better than usual. I felt like I didn't need as much product either plus I didn't want to mask this new found glow that I had!
Once I had used my Sleep Glycolic a couple of times and my skin started the tolerate the formula better I decided to combine it with some Vitamin A to boost the results even further as Medik8 state that you can safely use the 2 together at the same time the only thing that they don't recommend is to use another leave on acid in the same routine - for example Medik8 Press & Glow - you would use these alternatively instead. So I completed my routine and eagerly awaited for the results in the morning..... On day 1 I did experience some peeling on my cheeks and forehead but it wasn't hugely noticeable and by day 4 it had disappeared completely and it felt like my 'true results' had been revealed! I noticed every single claim that Medik8 had made - my skin was smoother, my skin texture felt more resurfaced, breakouts were minimised (I haven't suffered ANY since using!) and most of all my skin was brightened and very luminous.  
I highly recommended this product - you have to try it and see the hype behind this product for yourself! It is really reasonably priced too at £35, I would pay a lot more! In the future it's something that I will definitely continue to use and replenish, combined with a Vitamin A, every couple of weeks as a lovely Sunday facial treat. 


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